Crazy Enough To Change The World
is an initiative started by two guys
who left their jobs in Advertising
and decided to spend 6 months of their lives
to make the world a better place.

Customize & promote a public cause

We want to reach as much people possible to change the way we all behave
on numerous public issues. That is why in these 6 months we will create
the world’s first Open Source Creative library.

This library is public and the usage of all the work is completely free of
charge to all socially responsible
companies and individuals who are crazy
enough (as we are) to think they can change the world.

It contains a series of experiments and tests which we will produce
and craft into films and other ready-to-be-aired material.
However, you are expected to use that work to support a public cause
and change the world for the better.

Publish & share

Those who don’t know any public cause to support (if there are any of those out there) can simply publish the links and spread the word through their channels.

The library will be updated regularly with fresh work.

Welcome to the world’s first open source creative library. Here you can find the creative material which you can use to support a public cause.

You can do two things now:

Download the work &
customize it

for your own purposes. Feel free to go through the entire library and select the work which is most suitable for the public cause of your choice.

Go through the library
& pick your cause


  • Deforestation (Stunt)

    Customize | Share

  • Social Experiment: Is Racism Still Alive?

    Customize | Share


  • Fight against the domestic abuse

    Customize | Share

  • Open call to the music world

    Customize | Share



    Customize | Share

  • Open call to the music world

    Customize | Share


  • Fight against breast cancer

    Customize | Share

  • Open call to the music world

    Customize | Share

  • Organ donation InstaCampaign #GiveAHeart

    Customize | Share

  • Raise awareness on organ donation

    Customize | Share

Copyrights & Disclaimer

This material may and should be copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, republished, downloaded, publicly displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or means.

We encourage you to change and/or alter it in any way you wish (modify the edit, add titles and text, embed graphic trademarks, change the music & sounds), just as long as it supports a valid public cause. You do not need a bigger express written permission than this.

There are only two conditions:
You are expected to use this material to support a public cause which makes the world a better place.
You need to hashtag the work with #CrazyEnoughToChangeTheWorld

Dusan Adamovic and Marko Romcevic are two seasoned Creatives who have worked in Advertising for over a decade. With a support and understanding of our native Creative shop (No Ordinary Agency) we have initiated this 6-month project with hope of changing the world. Or at least doing our part.

We are donating the one thing we know how to do – our Creative services.
We will use these skills to produce a number of creative pieces on relevant public topics which will be placed in the free open source Creative library.

Since we have a tight budget at our disposal, we plan to rely upon our own creativity and resourcefulness to produce all the pieces entirely on our own – without any additional funding.

This limited budget means we are a bit short of money. But happier than ever.

be as crazy as we are

No! We do not want your money! There are plenty of charity organizations in the world you can support with your funding.

We want your voice

If there is ever a chance of pulling this one off, it cannot be done entirely on our own. All socially responsible media, corporations, individuals, charity groups, production companies, musicians, artists, actors, directors and other influencers are invited to join the project.


We need to reach as much people possible to change the world and the way some people behave.

spread the word

Go straight to the Creative library and customize the work or publish it on your channels with a hashtag: #CrazyEnoughToChangeTheWorld

You can also be “Crazy Enough To Change The World” by wearing:

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